STARTS Regional Centres is an initiative supported by the European Commission, promoting the advantages of cross-disciplinary science technology and the arts across Europe.
The implementing partner in Greece is MADE, a non-profit platform for social innovation projects and creative synergies.
Due to the covid-19 case, the MADE ‘s calendar of events had to be considerably revised.
As a result, a series of online STARTS Talks in May and June 2020 in Greek and English, with interesting topics and guest speakers of various backgrounds, shed light on the different facets of the STARTS agenda and stories that could inspire and encourage further discussion. MADE also introduced the STARTS Juniors series for schools, webinars on the STARTS agenda, coding and creative encounters through robotics.
The MADE Autumn Schedule for STARTS is also rich and further information will be shared in the coming weeks.
At a glance,
The artist-residents of the Paros and Kastellorizo Islands and Ioannina are co-creational works in progress, where cross-disciplinary practitioners, scientists, developers and artists join forces for innovative creations.
In particular, the project chosen for Paros Island is “Random Rhetoric” by conceptual artist and Athens Fine Art School Professor Yiannis Melanitis with the support of Athens Tech College. The project addresses issues related to democracy, AI and Culture, though referring to the ancient past of the island “Random Rhetoric“ is a metaphor of an epicurean garden, a dynamic place where logos, speech and dialectics are remodeled with the use of machines. The digital environment serves as the main forum where interactive code-based works like “The Oratory Machine” (a computer programmed in real-time speech synthesis) participate in a philosophical dialogue with the public, reshaping the art of rhetoric through intelligent dialogue. It will be presented under Garden PAROS/GREECE with the support of the Cultural Association of Archilochus and the Municipality of Paros Island at the “Kepler’s Gardens” Festival of Ars Electronica, September 9-13, 2020.
The residency at Kastellorizo Island aims to develop a digital environment and computational puzzle that questions our spatial perception and bridges aspects of both the physical worlds and spaces of higher dimensions. In this game the perceptual process is related to the generalization of imagination, via the observer’s contact with this digital construction. The concept is based on the research of mathematician and puzzle inventor Prof. Pantazis Ηoulis in collaboration with architect and assistant Prof Nikolaos Kourniatis and Dr Ioannis Nikolakopoulos from the Athens Tech College.

Lastly, the residency at Ioannina will explore the history of scientific treasures of paleontology based on the artistic practice and research from artist/engineer Konstantinos Fais. The project aims to create a new digital narrative inspired by mythology; connecting ethnographic cultural heritage with new technologies.
The Athens STARTS Symposium is co-organized with STEGI, Onassis Foundation where speakers from different disciplines will discuss on the conditions and challenges of developing a creative and innovative environment in Greece, while sharing insights and practices from other countries. The discussion will be recorded and broadcasted on November 2020.
The Arts and Technology Masterclass will take place online, with an expert from the Ars Electronica Festival team and 30 talents from all over Greece. They will have the opportunity to speak with a representative of the world’s leading organizations of its kind, to present their work and to learn about the trends, developments and challenges of this global sector.
The Hackathon about Fashion, Design,Tech and Sustainability will take place in Athens Tech College, in collaboration with the Athens Fashion Club and the winning concepts will have the opportunity of training at creative agencies, fashion groups and brands in Greece and abroad.
The agenda of MADE’s STARTS Regional STARTS Centers in Greece will conclude with the establishment of the RSCs Coalition of Cities , Towns and Organizations, which will also provide access to a series of webinars on STARTS opportunities, digital resources & tools for creators and tech specialists, and how local history / tradition / brand / narrative can inspire synergies and co-creation projects with a competitive advantage and European standards.