On the 18th of November, more than 40 Greek rising talents joined the MASTERCLASS, with guest speaker Karla Spiluttini, an expert on Ars Electronica’s STARTS Awards, organized by MADE for the Regional STARTS Centers Program*, in collaboration with ADAF-Athens Digital Arts Festival.

During this interactive Masterclass, the talents had the opportunity to present their work and also to learn about the developments in the global market, challenges and opportunities arising from the STARTS program and other official European synergies with the special World Pioneering Festival since 1979, focusing on the fabric of art, technology and society.

Apart from the talents, a group of participants who joined as observers and who also provided feedback on the discussion between the guest expert and the Greek artistic community.

Karla Spiluttini underlined the excellence of the Prix Ars Electronica & STARTS awards and highlighted projects inspired by the future of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Morality, humanitarian technology, smart cities, visionary architecture, future materials, social innovation, and sustainable communities. A forum for future discussions has been set up under Q&As and further information on upcoming open invitations has been provided.

MADE is a non-profit platform for social innovation projects and creative synergies

*THE REGIONAL STARTS CENTERS aim to extend, at local level, the European Commission’s STARTS initiative funded by the HORIZON2020 program.

For further information please contact us: info@madegroup.co .