Non-profit civil company
56th Skoufa Str, Athens 10672,Greece
Athens Chamber of Commerce Registration Number: 143499701000

MADE is a social innovation platform and the meeting point of ideas and talents.
We work with artists, innovators, researchers, women leaders, volunteers, environmentalists, social workers, scientists, decision-makers, migrants, creators, entrepreneurs, and young people who love to learn.
Our aim is to make ideas happen.
You may support MADE GROUP’s mission by choosing a special goal and donating what you can provide.
You will receive a confirmation letter for your tax service, and frequent updates on the progress of the work you chose to contribute to. And we will be forever humbled and energized by your support, making the most of it, every day.

Fields of Action:
1. Culture – Education
2. Digitalization
3. Policy, Law and Technologies
4. Children’s Rights
5. Women Empowerment
6. Start-ups
7. Ecology

With sincere appreciation,

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