“Imagining a different and better future for Europe is possible
and necessary – now more than ever. The current health crisis,
and the consequent socio-economic crisis, has opened new
fractures, tearing the pre-existing ones. It has impacted billions
of lives, and has left no organization or economy untouched.
It has shown how systemic risks can have exponential
repercussions — on health systems, sudden unemployment,
supply chains, and the global economic outlook. The COVID-19
pandemic is testing our resilience. The immense scale and diversity
of the challenges sound very familiar to those who have
long championed urgent action to avert catastrophic climate
change and rapid nature loss.
The Regional S+T+ARTS Centers that are being established
all over Europe are giving an answer to these challenges. They
provide funding for cultural institutions, innovative companies,
foundations, universities and research institutions that co-develop
digital based projects for a more sustainable future. This
via different S+T+ARTS pillars such as; S+T+ARTS residencies
that encourage artists to work within the creative ecosystems
of companies, S+T+ ARTS academy projects that stimulate
the digital skills of citizens, students and youngsters and a
S+T+ARTS prize for innovative collaborations or for artworks
that inspire and challenge the digital industry.”

Publication : “…..defending the spirit of liberty, technological
progress, humanity and sustainability………”

The Publication for the STARTS project is finally ready!
You may download it here.