ST-ARTS & the Startup Ecosystem: Creativity and Innovation, Marketing for Startups, Thessaloniki

Under the umbrella of STARTS, two local events, took place in Thessaloniki, on November 26th & November 17th 2019. The events aimed to present the STARTS programme, its activities and goals. Also, to connect with the reality of the European startup ecosystem. There were presentations on STARTS, Marketing for startups and a workshop on how startups can set up their first online presence with a very limited budget. Both events were hosted by Sheffield University International Faculty, CITY College, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Students and fresh graduates of Business studies, Marketing, Management, Finance, Tourism were the audience in the events.

Here is the agenda of the events:
Welcome remarks by Ms Violeta Sfouri, Director of Postgraduate Studies, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield University International Faculty, CITY College
Vassilis Tsoulis, MADE GROUP
Seminar: STARTS & the Startup Ecosystem: opportunities for creativity and innovation
Lucy Xu, The Port
Seminar: Marketing for Start-ups
Papantoniou Alexandros, Digital Marketing Specialist

Workshop: Setting up Social Media presence for a startup with low or no budget
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