STARTS team in Greece started working intensively for the implementation of the european agenda on arts, science and technology.

Thessaloniki, 26 & 27 November 2019

STARTS is about thinking out-of-the-box and building bridges between Science, Technology and Arts. It is a European initiative based on the conviction that collaborations between artists, researchers and engineers lead to disruption and mind-openness, generating more inclusive and sustainable innovation.
Who is STARTS for?
STARTS is for scientists, engineers, artists, research Labs and artistic organisations, as well as for companies and the society at general. It is not limited to any specific scientific or artistic area; it is more interested to achieve and engage individuals and organisations:
• willing to push the boundaries of knowledge and experience;
• seeking for breakthroughs and innovative developments;
• willing to learn, collaborate and share experiences with others;
pursuing distinct approaches, critical point of views and different languages under a common objective;
• aiming to contribute for a more inclusive society.

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MADE is an innovative platform for impactful projects and creative synergies, that operates in multiple levels.
in-depth policy advice and scientific research for various issues (law and tech, ecology and agriculture, creative industries, maritime and energy economics, human rights, children’s protection, women empowerment, entrepreneurship and startups, education and self-development projects, mediation).
• mainstream media and targeted and prolonged social media campaigns, industry’s profiling and market’s audience approach strategy.
• branding, content, narratives design and audiovisual productions.
• events, conferences, workshops and webinars, roundtables and talks, for specific groups or large audiences.

MADE GROUP is the Greek partner of the ST-ARTS consortium.

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November 26th & November 17th 2019

13:00 Welcome remarks by Prof. Sfouri, Sheffield University International Faculty, CITY College

13:15 Vassilis Tsoulis, MADE GROUP
Seminar: ST-ARTS & the Startup Ecosystem

14:00 Lucy Xu, The Port
Seminar: Marketing for Start-ups

15:00 Papantoniou Alexandros, Digital Marketing Specialist
Workshop: Setting up Social Media presence for a startup with low or no budget